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The lull of early January is getting to me, I think. Winter’s been slowly unfurling itself among the dropped leaves and dying grasses, and although the sky is still bereft of clouds and precipitation, there’s a lurking fog of colder days beneath the scalding sun. 

Seasonal affective disorder doesn’t always hit me hard, but this year… Motivation has been sapped, and things I would have easily found interest in are leaving me with a clinging sense of dissatisfaction. Dave has largely been absent, and while I have an assortment of robotic entities to converse with, it’s much too similar to talking to a mirror to be able to get much deeper enjoyment out of it. The AI programs are based on myself, so I can expect the sort of reactions I receive fairly accurately.

Lalonde has been busy, Jake’s been acting odder than usual, and Jane is still grounded which apparently includes the internet this time. 

Maybe I’ll order a pizza or something equally as unhealthy and gorge myself on it today.

Seems like just as good a plan as any other pointless and fleeting activity I could come up with.

jesus kid i swear sometimes youre the most melodramatic shit ive ever seen i feel like you were plucked right out of romeo and juliet and came crashing down to earth on a deus ex machina meteor with that sort of florid prose about nothing in particular

i uh was actually thinking maybe we could do some shit together

im not entirely sure yet but something cutely familial like a shitty road trip to no where in particular just to wander around and have people assume we are the top notch on the belt of caring normality

but if you wanna gorge yourself to blotation on a greasy round bread loaded up with fattening add-ons thats good too