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>Dane: Become a limp dead weight.

If Dave won’t leave you alone, you’re going to make it difficult for him. You’re not conscious enough to formulate the snapping remarks you’d normally fling in his direction, so instead you feign being one of the puppets he hates so much, a Raggedy Dandy made of flesh and at least a hundred times the poundage.

Ignoring his barbs at your bedding hygiene, you embrace your new identity as a motionless blob, although you can’t quite ignore the pressing weight of your brother draped across you. 

It’s when he starts groping at you that you suddenly find your nerve endings crackling again and you jump, thrashing out of his intentful grasp. 

“Okay, okay, I’m getting up!” you gripe, shoving him off. “Now get out so I can get dressed without you ogling my body like an escaped mental patient with a propensity for voyeurism.” 

>Dave: Tease him a little.

You jerk back a little when he lashes out like some caged, vicious animal, trying not to view him with amusement, even if you chuckle low in your throat. It’s almost got a condescending little lilt to it, mostly from years of looking down on him from some superior parental pedestal.

You clear your throat and move off the bed when he shoves you, eyes rolling behind your dark shades. This is probably the most expressive he’s seen you in months, but it’s nice to let your guard down just a little, even if he’s taking the moment to snap at you irritably.

Although you aren’t all too sure of what caused this sudden change in his mood, you can’t complain because it seems to have jumpstarted his ass into gear.

Moving toward the door, you lean against the frame and cross your arms, glancing at him from over your glasses.

"Why do I gotta get out? You’re acting like I’ve never seen your little dongle before. I wiped your ass, man, don’t think stripping is going to faze me."

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